Why We ‘Officialized’ Our Homeschool

Some homeschoolers who use a lot of school-like structure and think of their efforts as duplicating school may automatically seek out a name for their program, just as they naturally use school textbooks and start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance.

In some states, homeschooling – or one of the options to homeschool legally – may actually be the formation of a family-size private “school;” hence, that school has to have a name.

Why name your homeschool?

  • Some co-ops and umbrella schools might require your family’s education plan to be identified by a name.
  • If you make a student or teacher ID you will need a school name.
  • Some incentive programs like Book-it ask for it.
  • If you are planning to prepare high school transcripts at some point, it’s nice to have a name to put at the top.
  • It will help your kids identify with a thing bigger than themselves.
  • It can be used when on field trips.
  • For education discounts at various stores and online suppliers.

Registering with the State

We didn’t do this. We don’t plan to unless we move to someplace it’s required. So we are ‘Official’ but not “Officially Registered.” The kids like knowing what will be on their certificates and transcripts, and we do make ID cards. We are Independent homeschoolers and don’t utilize any State programs, charters, or allotments.

Independent homeschooling parents assume full responsibility for their children’s education. This includes not only financial responsibility, but total responsibility to create an educational journey specifically tailored to their child. This can be done through choosing or creating the child’s curriculum; deciding to take standardized tests or not; being accountable to themselves, first, and the community for the full education of their children; scheduling school hours and vacations; creating distinct, individualized transcripts and course descriptions; the flexibility to set academics aside for a time to serve those around them; and the list goes on.

Parents not only have the final say over their child’s education, they must actively pursue this freedom. Perhaps the best part is being able to design and present your child with a unique, distinct diploma that appropriately reflects his/her extremely exclusive education.


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