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  • Adulting Skills Idea List

    For us; one of the purposes of homeschooling is to help our children become a force of nature for good in society as adults. But how do you get from diapers to discipling? There are so many skills that many of today’s adults are missing from their repertoire that really shouldn’t be.

  • The Habit of Fortitude

    The Habit of Fortitude

    It can be exhilarating for your children when they realize that they can own what they have to do, so that they can do it no matter what. Fortitude is more than a habit… it is a culmination of several habits combined with a deep conviction.

  • Mommy Mob Movement

    Mommy Mob Movement

    Ladies from all life stages have shared with me how hard it had been for them to find and grow authentic, deep friendships, especially in the years of raising littles. We struggle to find not only the time to pursue mom-mates, but also to find ways to grow these associations into deep, lasting relationships we…

  • Encouragement from a ‘Retired’ Homeschool Mom

    Encouragement from a ‘Retired’ Homeschool Mom

    If you are educating your children, you are doing GOOD WORK. As a Homeschool Mom, sometimes we might feel that we should be “doing something more”. No. Teachers don’t also try to be lawyers or bankers at the same time, right? Well, YOU are a teacher. Don’t let society try to tell you that you…

  • Walk like an Animal

    Walk like an Animal

    It’s cold here, like really cold. We finally are warming up slightly, with 0° – 10° this week. It’s been -25° or so for the past month. Makes it hard to want to leave the house; which leads to cabin fever, which leads to crazy kids and stressed out mom. An easy way to break…

  • Homeschoolers Terms and Definitions

    Homeschoolers Terms and Definitions

    Home Education is a scary thing to start. Very daunting. Here is a list including a good start on the vocabulary associated with ‘Creative Learning’ Homeschooling is a type of education where children learn outside of a school setting under the supervision of their parents. The family determines what is to be learned and how…

  • Why We ‘Officialized’ Our Homeschool

    Why We ‘Officialized’ Our Homeschool

    Some homeschoolers who use a lot of school-like structure and think of their efforts as duplicating school may automatically seek out a name for their program, just as they naturally use school textbooks and start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance. In some states, homeschooling – or one of the options to homeschool legally…

  • Homeschooling: Our Reasoning

    Homeschooling: Our Reasoning

    Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular with an average increase of 2-8% every year according to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). What once was a stigma is now slowly becoming the norm. What used to be considered “cutting-edge” by many is almost “mainstream” today. And why not? The benefits are a plenty…